Notariat Erlich

in medias res

"In medias res", is a Latin phrase meaning "in the middle of things". In a figurative sense, the phrase stands for tackling a problem or thing quickly and effectively. This is also our credo for our work: Fast and high-quality work, by getting straight to the heart of your concern without much ado.

In our everyday life - private as well as business - regulations, contracts, paragraphs form the guard rails- so that everything has its order, correctness and validity and no one is harmed unnecessarily.

The law is part of our culture. And as cultures change and evolve over time, so does the law. Since the beginning of our notary's office innumerable changes in the law, new rules and regulations have become legally effective. This evolution is part of our daily journey, enabling us to provide you with comprehensive notarial services in a competent, committed and personal manner.